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Vicariate Disaster Management Authority (VDMA)

One of the biggest initiatives taken by His Excellency Bishop Khalid Rehmat OFM-Cap is that the Apostolic Vicariate of Quetta has established VDMA (Vicariate Disaster Management Authority). The present historic catastrophic floods have moved him to help and rehabilitate the flood affected families within Quetta Balochistan.

Millions of people have been affected by floods in Pakistan, the death toll is rising, and the government has declared a national emergency. Families in Pakistan have lost everything in the recent monsoon rains and floods. The situation is even worse than the devastating floods of 2010. Millions of people need emergency food and humanitarian assistance. Vicariate is providing life-saving meals and support to children and families affected by the floods.

We are supporting the government of Pakistan as it mobilises to provide immediate food assistance to families in the areas hit worst by the flooding. Our work is 100% voluntarily funded and every donation makes a difference. It only takes a minute to donate, but the impact can last a lifetime.

Over 33 million people affected 1 in 7 people in Pakistan have been affected by the historic disaster. The hardest hit areas are Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and Punjab.

Floodwaters have damaged nearly 1 million homes, 600 schools, 145 bridges, and thousands of kilometres of roads making relief efforts extremely challenging and cutting off many communities from outside assistance. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly, with many more families expected to be pushed to the brink of survival as the disaster continues to unfold. Our emergency teams are on the ground right now, already working in local communities to support affected families. VDMA is providing a lifeline through interventions including distributing hygiene kits, tents, food packs, kitchen utensils, and cash grants so families can meet their most urgent needs.

VDMA Relief is also focused on helping communities recover from the disaster as quickly as possible to ensure that vulnerable people do not continue to suffer the terrifying impact of the flash floods. As the situation worsens, families in crisis need VDMA Relief’s help more than ever before. Since Aug 21st, 2022 day and night Bishop Khalid Rehmat is busy with his priest brothers to help and rehabilitate the flood affected families.

Since Balochistan is the largest province of our country where 75% infrastructure roads, and rail ways is badly damaged at some places even washed away by the catastrophic floods it is not an easy task to move about. But His Excellency with his procurator Rev. Fr. Bahsarat Exupear OMI and other priest brothers he is on the move to different parishes, within Quetta city and outside.

St. Eugene’s Parish Nawan killi was one of the most affected parishes within Quetta City. 13 Families lost their homes and 43 others partially damaged and affected families have already  received emergency food aid by His Excellency.

He has been also going to the other out skirts affected areas meeting both Muslims and Christians even other minorities e.g. Hindus and Sikhs helping and assuring for their better accommodation etc. He has made long journey visiting Bostan, Loralia, Zube, Mach, Dahdar, Sibi, Jacubabad, Harni Shark and up to Hub the longest rote towards  Karachi Archdiocese. On the other side he also had been visiting Noski, Dalbandine, going up to Gawadar and Sandak.

Vicariate holds three phases of helping the flood victims
1. Emergency Food Aid with other necessities
Emergency food aid with other necessities have been the urgent most task to feed and rescue the flood affected families providing even the mosquito net and first aid medication etc.

2. Rehabilitation of the affected families
Reconstructing or rebuilding the damaged homes is one of the most difficult part of our service in flood relief campaign. For that a grand survey and road map is under way.

3. Micro Financing to the affected families
Many families have lost their homes, animals, even big and small business on daily basis. His Excellency has appealed to the national as well as international donners to help and grant us aid to make people stand on their own feet for tomorrow.

Around 33 million people have been affected by extreme rainfall and flooding in Pakistan, and more than 1,200 people – including around 450 children – have died. To date, over 300,000 homes have been destroyed and a further 692,000 homes damaged.

In addition, government officials report over 800,000 hectares of agricultural land has already been destroyed and around 730,500 livestock lost, leaving several farmers without livelihoods to provide for their own families.

Caritas Quetta under the supervision of His Excellency have launched a Rapid Response project aimed at providing thousands of men, women and children with sufficient food, safe drinking water, health services and access to hygiene supplies. Kindly help and support us to re-establish our families in Balochistan.