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Apparition of Our Lady

Marian apparitions are reported supernatural appearances by Mary, the mother of Jesus. Below is a true story of an alleged event surrounding notable Marian apparition, which have either been approved by a major Christian church, or which retain a significant following despite the absence of official approval or despite an official determination of inauthenticity. However here is the true testimony story of   Mr. Shukat Hameed (Zakhmi). He narrates his story with truth and confidence.  On Oct 27th, 2013 on the feast day of Our Lady of Rosary appeared Mary on Mr. Shukat Zakhmi the carpenter, resident of St. Eugene’s Parish Nawan Killi, Quetta. Shukat Zakhmi and his family is very pious, and with very staunch and devout catholic background. He and his family has been living in Quetta, Balochaistan for past hundred years.  He is known as public servant who is always busy with making coffin box for the Christian community for last 50 years. In his family there are 3 Children one boy two girls all married having kids.

On Oct 27th, 2013 on the feast day of our lady of Rosary the Holy Rosary Cathedral was packed with the parishioners for the Holy Mass. After the holy Gospel Fr. Inayat Gill OMI Vicar General in Apostolic Vicariate of Quetta was preaching his homily discussing the visitation scene of Mary greeting her cousin Elizabeth when a flickering light suddenly appearing from the statue of our lady kept at the back of the altar and tabernacle flies in the air like a glob and comes and stays at the wooden peo in fort of Shukat Zahkmi. This light remains there at the back of the peo almost 20 to 30 seconds and a voice of a lady asking Shukat look, Shukat look, and believe. Within 30 seconds this flickering light turns into white smoke like a dazzling cloud and disappeared forever leaving the reflection or image of Our Lady at the back top of the peo. However one of the camera men capturing the entire ceremony was asked by Shukat to take a Photo from the peo. As he took the photograph the flesh light tuned the image of our lady into a dark imprint impression of the image of our lady on the peo. Yet no one believed.

After 30 seconds when Mr. Shukat comes back from his ecstasy he tells his friends sting side by side  look here the image of our lady but no one took notice of it. After mass he brings his family members asking them to look at the top of the wooden peo the image of our lady but no one noticed it. All went home after the mass not paying any attention at the image imprinted on the wooden peo. Likewise Shukat also went home with his wife and children and grandchildren puzzled and confused. Even the clergy refused to believe.

His wife says that he explained the entire scenario but no one believed even at home and then he went to his room with long silence and slept without eating or drinking. Next day also he kept on sleeping full day without eating or drinking anything. But all of sudden in the evening people stating calling and coming to his home asking for Shukat and that apparition of our lady on the peo. Many started going to the Holy Rosary Cathedral with their mobile cameras and started sharing the pic on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. After two days the image began viral like wild fire. Shukat’s wife and children were getting greetings, and blessings from friends, family members and relatives. People from other faith and ethnic groups crowded in Holy Rosary Cathedral kissing, touching and taking photos and asking Shukat to pray for him to our lady. Later Bishop Victor Ganapragasam OMI, along with his Vicar General and Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Inayat Gill OMI and few other priests started taking some serious note of the apparition thereby extended greetings and giving blessings to Mr. Shukat and his family. Soon he was getting invitations to confess his testimony during mass. Many articles were published in Christian newspapers but very soon within one year time the entire hype turned into normal. Clergy, families, friends and other people left Shukat with his testimony and went forward to their daily responsibilities assigned to them. 

 Marian apparitions are considered expressions of Mary’s ongoing motherly care for the church. The understood purpose of each apparition is to draw attention to some aspect of the Christian message, given the needs of a particular time and place. Apparitions are often accompanied by other alleged supernatural phenomena, such as medical cures. However, such miraculous events are not considered the purpose of Marian apparitions, but are alleged to exist primarily to validate and draw attention to the message. Similarly there attached are two miracles with Marian apparition at Holy Rosary Cathedral Quetta, Pakistan. These two miracles testifies that this supernatural apparition did happen on 27th, 2013.

Opening Ceremony of

Catholic Bible Commission at Quetta Vicariate

By Rev. Fr. Cecil Paul OMI


Jan 18th, 2023 was a day not so pleasant but of rain and snow fall, indeed it was extremely a cool weather experienced by the congregation presented for the CBCQ program at St. Francis Grammar School Hall Quetta. The Youth & Sunday School Teachers were full of enthusiasm, passion and filled with love for the WORD of GOD to make arrangements for the opening ceremony with in the Apostolic Vicariate of Quetta. Sunday School Teachers & Youth of St. Eugene Parish spent days and nights in its preparations and all the arrangements for the final day of the CBCQ opening ceremony. His Excellency Khalid Rehmat OFM-Cap, Fr. Basharat Exupear OMI, Sr. Elean HF were the focal as well as the backbone for the entire program.  Several meetings and group discussion were made in order to share meaningful information with the audience about the CBC Pakistan’s aims efforts and objectives with in country and overseas. In order to present a beautiful program all the parishes of the Apostolic Vicariate were invited to participate with some presentation of Youth and Sunday Children. Besides Holy Mass a short verity program was organized on different Biblical stories, parables, both from OT and NT. Art through paintings and pencil works, solo and group hymns were the main segments of this opening ceremony.

Holy Mass

Though it was snow and rain shaver but still the Grammar School Hall was packed with more than 400 people. His Excellency Khalid Rehmat OFM-Cap presided over the Holy Mass. Theme and slogan for the Holy Mass was “KALAM KO ULLAD DO, ULLAD KO KALAM DO”. Ps 119:105 verse says that Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”. After the opening prayers St. Eugene Parish Youth brought the Word of God into a beautiful candle procession towards the Altar, Bishop received the Word of God from the Youth kept before the Ambo and lit the candle and then the first reading was proclaimed.  In his homily he emphasized that in this modern era of internet and mobile let us take sometime of silence, prayers and reading of the word of God. He said it is the responsibilities of the parents and priests to bring closer to the Word of God to our young generation with in Quetta Vicariate. Christ the King Essanagri Parish, Sacred Heart City Parish, Holy Rosary Cathedral, St. Eugene Parish Nawan Killi, and St. Pius X parish were the main audience with their parish priests and catechists. After the Holy Mass Director CBCQ Rev. Fr. Cecil Paul OMI thanked His Excellency Khalid Rehmat OFM-Cap for his beautiful Mass and meaningful homily and all the priests who took part in the Mass with their parishioners

Verity Program

The second half of CBCQ was organized as a verity program, our MCes Miss. Kousar William and Master Tanveer Bhatti began the second session with a cup of tea and shot eats to the entire audience that created mood for the second half in order to avoid chill and cold weather.  At the beginning of the program Mr. Salament president of CBCQ came up with the informative PowerPoint presentation. In his presentation he gave us a detailed information and knowledge as what CBC Pakistan is doing for the betterment, love and respect as well as to create interest for the Word of God among all the age groups. The opening of the second half began with a beautiful mime presented by the St. Pius X that showed that how our today’s youth if not close to the Word of God the evils of the world would get around them to ruin their lives. Solo Geet and group Geet, Tablos on Parables and different stories both from the Old Testament and New Testament were the main segments of this opening ceremony. Presenting the word of God through painting and pencil art were the source of attraction for the audience.

Appreciation Certificate Distribution

At the end of the program His Excellency Khalid Rehmat OFM-Cap, Sr. Elean HF, Fr. Nadeem Rafiq OMI, Fr. Sajjad Yousaf OMI, Fr. Imtiaz Feryad, Mr. Salamet Masih president and Vice-president Mr. Joseph John CBC Q presented very beautiful Appreciation Certificate among the artists, organizers, singers, and participants. At the end of the program Director Rev. Fr. Cecil Paul OMI thanked His Excellency, Clergy, Organizers, and congregation for their active part in the program. At the end of the program a festive lunch box were distributed among the congregation etc.