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Catholic Commission for Justice & Peace

Catholic Commission for Justice & Peace

Diocesan Office

Quetta, Balochistan

Staff Members

 Rev. Fr. Waris Arshad, Diocesan Director

Mr. Joel Bastian, Diocesan Coordinator

Mr. Saqib Rohail, Field Coordinator

National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) was formed in 1985 by the Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference. Since then, NCJP has provided services in the field of human rights and has worked to counter religious and other types of discrimination. It has seven offices around Pakistan which provide legal aid and human rights education.

Under its legal aid programme, the commission provides legal counselling and financial assistance to vulnerable people. Over the past 22 years, NCJP has dealt with around 800 cases.

NCJP launched their first advocacy campaign, against bonded labour in brick kiln factories, in 1987. By building partnerships with other organisations, NCJP’s campaign led to a law on abolition of bonded labour being passed in 1992. The Commission now concentrates on bonded labour in the agricultural sector.

(PEPP) in three cities of Pakistan (Lahore, Rawalpindi and Gujranwala) between October 2004 – March 2005; the success of the project convinced NCJP to extend it. It focuses on promotion of peace and tolerance through its activities, including training workshops, art competitions, theatre performance, seminars and meetings. Also in its mission for peace, NCJP produced an audio album ‘Aman ke Geet’ with songs for peace sung by famous singers from Pakistan.

Quetta there are six other offices all over the major cities of Pakistan named as Gujranwala, Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, Faisalabad and head office in Lahore.

In last few years NCJP Quetta office has worked on capacity building of youth by conducting different workshops and awareness seminars on current issues faced by the minor communities in particular city. Some of the major issues like forced conversion, forced marriages, Cyber crime, domestic violence and blasphemy.

NCJP staff also conducted some of its session on constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to aware community about their fundamental rights promised by the state in constitution.

To execute the mission and vision of national commission of justice and peace we have some of the programs such as HEAT Project and Democratic Education program.

Response of HRDs

Highly concerned with project agendas and appreciated the cause on working and desired to work with us, even recent Seminars on Demand for Provincial Commission encouraged the some of HRDs to work in the communities on behalf of NCJPs project agenda. They doing good at community level for the development, additionally after workshops & training sessions of activists encouraged & made them more professional to work in communities where they are performing well.

As we expanded our target and conducted activities in other districts of Balochistan such as Khuzdar and further CCJP Quetta office is planning to execute the awareness Seminars on current issues being faced by the minor communities in Pakistan

It has been quite evident and notable in accordance with Projects Activities, that to more achievable extent we are trying reach and we have achieved the subject of the activities to enough extent which is approachable according to the scenario in Balochistan.

Challenges faced:

It has been observed that mobilization of youth was so difficult to make sure they show up in sessions and workshops. Also managing our work according to the flow of environment in Balochistan since the political destability is being highly seen in the province.

Socially we are trying to aware & accommodate more & more people according to our projects agenda & achieved the subject, which is a positive step forward.

 NCJP Quetta office staff and activists are highly motivated and ambitious to perform all their duties well to make minorities rights secure and a beacon house for the victims and to make our country Pakistan a prosperous and peaceful on our planet.