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Don Bosco Quetta (Est. 1999)

Canonical Name of the House: Community of Mary, Help of Christians

Address: A-1 City, Brewery Road, Quetta – 87300

Kind: Pontifical Clerical Congregation

Official Name: Society of St. Francis of Sales  Common Name: Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB)

Apostolates: Education, Hostels (boys & Girls), Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Humanitarian Assistance

Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB) is a pontifical religious society of men mainly working in the youth apostolate providing quality education and faith formation through formal and technical education.

SDBs’ pioneer Fr. Peter Zago, SDB arrived in Quetta in 1998, then part of Hyderabad Diocese, to see the possible commencement of mission under Philippines South Province (FIS).

The two Salesians Fr. Romero and Fr. Peter Zago started the non-formal schooling for the Afghan refugees and Don Bosco Free Clinic for the deprived people in the building of the former St. Pius X seminary building. Mean while Fr. Mac Manus joined them to take charge of St. John Bosco Parish (City Parish), followed by Fr. Huma Bong and Fr. Julio Orago.

After the demise of Fr. Otto Postma, OFM, the founder of Al-Falah hostel, the SDBs took the charge of the apostolate, caring for the spiritual and academic needs of the young people.

In 2001 the land was purchased and construction was started for Don Bosco Learning Center in A-1 City, a site closer to the Christian majority colony, Essanagri. Don Bosco Learning Center (DBLC) started educating boys and girls of the poor and less fortunate families in its vicinity on March 25, 2003 when the building was still uncomplete. Although during this time most of missionaries had been sent out due to the security reasons caused by Afghan war after 9/11 incident.

In 2002 the Salesians reconstructed St. Pius X church near their temporary residence in the former seminary in Christian Town, Samungli.

In 2004 the Apostolic Nuncio came to blessed the newly constructed Sacred Heart Church on Jinnah Road, a great contribution of the Salesians.

In 2004 the two-remaining Salesians moved from the former St. Pius seminary to the new house constructed adjacent to the school building in A-1 City.

Following the October 2005 earthquake in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, Salesians constructed 2 schools and 320 houses for the victims in Manu Jabda, Balakot.

Once the building was completed the non-formal school for the refugees was also transferred to Don Bosco in A-1 City in 2005 held in the afternoon.

In 2006 Salesians bought land for the poor Catholic families in Kili Shabho and named it Don Bosco Housing Society. Same year the land for Sports facility was purchased in Essanagri. Due to the lack of the Salesians in 2008 St. John Bosco Parish was surrendered back to the diocese until the above-mentioned challenge was taken care of.

In 2008 Don Bosco rushed to assist the earthquake victims in Ziarat and constructed 100 earthquake proof shelters and one school for the boys and girls of the effected families of the area.

In 2009 Don Bosco initiated technical courses for women providing skills in dress making, beautician, welding training for the boys and English Language and Computer Course for boys and girls in Don Bosco Learning Center. Together with this was the Weekend Oratory started for the Christian children on every Saturday afternoon.

In 2010 Don Bosco extended enormous help for the victims of the monsoon flooding in Sindh and Baluchistan by constructing 300 houses in Dera Allah Yar and a Christian Colony of 32 houses with a church and school in Jacobabad. Same year the girls’ hostel was established in and the formation of the Salesian candidates was commenced under the care of Fr. Peter Zago and Fr. Julio Palmieri. The Al-falah hostel was shifted from the former building on Spiny Road to Don Bosco Learning Center in A-1 City.

In 2014 the Good Shepherd Sisters were invited to assist the Salesians in the apostolate for the girls in Laura Vicuna Girls’ Home in the new building constructed on Essanagri side.

In 2016 the Salesians run a Scholarship program for higher education was started, which is continue till the present day.

In 2017 the 2nd Pakistani Salesian priest was ordained in St. Pius X Church as the milestone from where Don Bosco had commenced its mission to the young of Quetta.

On the feast day of St. John Bosco on August 16, 2018 the blessing of the grotto of Mary Help of Christians was done at the hand of His Excellency Bishop Victor Gnanapragasam, OMI.

Don Bosco is now serving hundreds of youths in the Apostolic Vicariate of Quetta through schools, hostel for boys, hostel for girls, free tuition center for the poor students, Preparatory Courses for Commission exams, Weekend Oratory and various Sports activities including a miniature gym for women.

Currently Fr. Samuel Adnan Ghouri, SDB who is also Diocesan Youth Director, together with Cl. Noel Clement, SDB is carrying of the legacy of Don Bosco and the pioneers with cooperation of Sr. Doreen Epitawela, RGS.