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Khuzdar, District division Kalat

When there was not Mission Station at Khuzdar, at that time St. Pius X seminary stationed there and Nushki and Dal Bandin also were under this seminary. Then Rector of the seminary was Fr. Francis D’ Sousa, first baptism of two boys held on 22 April 1980. Afterwards, Fr. Rufen, Cardinal Joseph Cordero remained on Church services and baptized two families.

First Catholic Christian family came to Khuzdar in 1962, named Shareef Peera also a transgender named Inayati, along with a doctor. Shareef family called then Fr. to baptize their family, that was the time when Christians laid foundation of their presence at Khuzdar, in 1965 three more families arrived at Khuzdar, they were relatives of Shareef named Santu Masih, Mushtaq Sikander and Yaqoob Ghansham and this continuation of families to settle started.

prosy Control Center which was running by then Fr. Waani and Sr. Roze and were para-medical experts and also Fr. Wani and Sr. Roze started to homily among these families and these families happily started work at Khuzdar and made a chapel at Leprosy Control Center.

Fr. Wani was a far sighted man and he requested Italian Leprosy Control Center to purchase land for Parish house at Khuzdar and he purchased 1.5 Acre of land for Church and Parish house in front of Civil hospital, Khuzdar.

Mullah community opposed the Church foundation even they threatened the Fr. Wani and set the Church on fire, after these cowardly acts these Mullahs incriminated that Fr. Wani is an agent and working for the European intelligence, within 48 hours Fr. Wani was deported from Pakistan. Also Sr. Roze and catechist suffered these threats and they moved to Karachi, later Master Robert gave services here and again Khuzdar was under the Hyderabad Diocese administration.

From 1974 to 1989 these Priests and F.M.M sisters served at Khuzdar; Master Robert, Fr. Michael D’ Cruz, Fr. Cyprian Dias, Fr. Maxi OMI, Fr. Theogenes, Fr. Thomas Anthony, Fr. Inayat Gill.After 1989, Khuzdar Parish given under the Karachi Diocese and Brother James Nawab appointed here along with Master Tulsi Patras (Baagri) from Larkana and all the responsibilities of this Parish gave to them.

But Catholic Families at Khuzdar requested to then Bishop to conduct Sunday Mass at least for the people at Khuzdar, so Bishop accepted the request and sent Fr. Mario to Khuzdar and Fr. Mario was the first Parish Priest of Khuzdar from Karachi Diocese, but lately Fr. Maria faced disappointment at Khuzdar and returned back to Karachi then Bishop Seimen Pierera decided to ordained Brother James Nawab to a Priest and in 1992 Brother James Nawab ordained as Priest, so Fr. James Nawab struggled a lot there and maintained all the record at Khuzdar, for the baptism, confirmation, Eucharist issued certificates to the people and St. Thomas Parish of Khuzdar flourished day by day.

In 1995 Fr. James Nawab requested Bishop Seimen that he now wanted to from Khuzdar, additionally Fr. James Nawab was the person who laid the foundation of Mother Mary’s grotto and arranged 3 days pilgrimage of Mother Mary and every year Khuzdar Parish celebrate 3 days pilgrimage of Mother Mary.So Fr. James Nawab transferred to Kotri and Fr. Theo Felix Joseph D’ Sousa from Kotri came to Khuzdar, Fr. Theo was an old priest but served for 13 years at Khuzdar, at that time no one was agree to come Khuzdar for catechetical service from Karachi then Fr. Theo Felix chose Mr. Michael Mushtaq, then he was a student of secondary education, for the catechist services, he worked in Panjgur, Turbat, Gwadar in Makran Division, for 3 years he served as volunteer as a responsible parishner and afterwards Karachi diocese appointed Mr. Michael Mushtaq as Catechist of Khuzdar.

Further, Fr. Theo Felix and Master Michael Mushtaq served under Karachi Diocese till 2002 and from June 2002 this Parish came into under Quetta Prefecture and Fr. Theo Felix and Master Michael Mushtaq served under Quetta Prefecture. Fr. Theo Felix Joseph D’ Sousa was most loveable priest of Khuzdar Parish he died on 8th August 2008 in Khuzdar and buries in Karachi.

After this Fr. Dameyanus OMI from 2008 to 2010 served as Parish Priest of Khuzdar, there was an incident happened when Fr. Dameyanus traveling from Quetta to Khuzdar he was attacked by insurgents and got injured, then this Parish annexed to Sacred Heart Parish Quetta.

From 2008 these Priests were the Parish Priests of this St. Thomas Church, Khuzdar;

  • Fr. Maqsood Nazir OMI
  • Fr. Abid OMI
  • Fr. Wajid Michael
  • Fr. Riaz Dominic OMI
  • Fr. Waris Arshad
  • To date serving this Parish with Catechist Michael Mushtaq.